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…to Hugos Dog Park

new owner Heather is here provide a bespoke range of services to suit all breeds and temperaments of dogs,  not only to bring brand new fresh ideas but also to take Hugo’s to the next level with her amazing team right behind her.


Hugo’s dog park aims to provide that perfect blend of professionalism and pleasure for all of the dogs in our care and it ensures that the range of services on offer are exclusive but affordable for all customers.


Heather and the team treats all of the dogs / puppies in Hugo’s care with the degree of attention appropriate to the individual need of the moment.

The team is fully trained and fully qualified in all areas of expertise which are canine behaviourist, canine nutritionist, and canine hydrotherapy, and as such, ensure that high standards are maintained, at all times.

Hugos team are aware of ever-changing trends and legislation and, therefore, continue to update their own Professional Development, in order to meet these changes and requirements.


Our amazing staff here at Hugo’s are dog owners and dog lovers…

Heather is the new owner here at Hugo’s Dog Park,

After running a successful motorbike training company for some years Heather has taken over here at Hugo’s Dog Park,

” i was brought up with dogs and owned dogs my entire life and love them, I am looking forward to making a Hugo’s Dog Park a huge success and working with the amazing team here.”

Mia has been working with dogs for over 12 years and she absolutely loves it.

It is her idea of the “pawfect” job as she adores all animals.

Whether it is looking after your pets in the arena, greeting them at reception or taking them out on the South Downs, you can be sure that they will be having a hugotastic – and safe – time with Mia.

Georgia first passion is dogs and loves working here at Hugo’s Dog Park, she has just finished school and in September is doing a level 3 in dance and performing arts in college.

but don’t worry Georgia will not be leaving… as will be working here on her days off and will always be part of the Hugo’s Dog Park family.

Lena has been a volunteer here for over 2 years and dogs absolutely love her, she is a very valued member of our Hugo’s Dog Park family
Rosie is a new addition to the team and is very excited to be working with us. She has been brought up with dogs her whole life and is very much a dog lover at heart. Rosie also manages a majority of our social media accounts, including our instagram (@hugosdogpark) so make sure to show some love on there by leaving some likes!


We have lots of fun here at Hugo’s but we take staff training and health and safety very serious, here are some of our training awards…