As of the Government’s new Coronavirus restrictions set in place last night, today will be our last day open until further notice.

It breaks our hearts having to close when you all may need us the most, but the situation is too unsafe at the moment for us to stay open – we must put the safety of our staff and our customers first and follow the new restrictions given.

Please, use our services today if you really need us (NHS & essential workers) but otherwise please follow the Government’s advice and stay inside!

The money raised by our GoFundMe page is still very much needed and will be put to good use as we have been given no relief regarding rent etc, so we thank you all again for your kind donations during this difficult time – the link for the GoFundMe is on our Facebook page if you would like to donate.

We can’t wait to see you all and your doggies again soon!

Stay safe, stay positive! We will be back soon! Lots of love from all of us at Hugo’s Xx